Secretariat of APACT 2013

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Detailed Program



Plenary Lecture

PL : Plenary session
Opening Lecture 1 David Yen Memorial Lecture: Evolution and Perspective of APACT
Opening Lecture 2 The Endgame
PL1 Where are we with FCTC ? (1) Achievement and challenges
PL2 NCD Commitment. Fighting together with other health problems
PL3 MOF Summit. Price and taxations. Countries' experiences
PL4 Where are we with FCTC ? (2) Obstacles and ways to overcome them


S : Symposium / Oral session
S1 Protection from exposure to tobacco smoke. 1. Legislative actions by the local autonomy
S2 Illness-specific issues. 1. Smoking and COPD
S3 Illness specific issues. 2. Smoking and oral health
S4 Illness specific issues. 3. Smoking and Heart diseases
S5 Protection from exposure to tobacco smoke. 2. Toward smoke-free workplace and public space
S6 Illness specific issues. 4. Smoking and Tuberculosis
S7 Women and Tobacco Use
S8 Roles of nurses and other health professionals in the tobacco epidemic
S9 Treatment of tobacco dependence
S10 Education, communication, training and public awareness
S11 Price and taxations. General discussions
S12 Other forms of tobacco / Substances simulating tobacco
S13 Litigation/Regulation of the contents of tobacco products and of tobacco product disclosure
S14 Tobacco industry and Corporate Social Responsibility
S15 Packaging and labeling of tobacco products, Countries' experiences
S16 Issues of trade and tobacco market opening and APACT: Ending the game
S17 Protection of public health policies from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry / Liability
S18 Inequities in tobacco use and tobacco control and its implication for tobacco control
S19 APACT Youth for the future demand

A Lecture Open to Public(市民公開講座)

* Japanese Only

Extension Lecture

日時 2013年8月21日(水) 14:30~16:00
会場 幕張メッセ国際会議場 2階、国際会議室
共催 千葉県